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The Ghoul Girls 2013 Calendar is now available for purchase: http://www.cafepress.com/ghoulgirlsmerch.733398109

The Calendar features 12 months, 13 models and is a perfect gift for any horror fan this holiday season. Support independent artists and pick one up today!

We were featured on FearNet, The Devils Toy Box and the Daily Dead

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January - Behind the Scenes.
February - Fan Favorite: “Be Mine” with Traycee King.
March - “Zone” with Meredith Molinari.
April - “Baron Samedi” with Britney Siren.
May - “Zombie Geisha” with Mimi Helena. 
June - “Grim Fae” with Traci Hines.
July - “Be Cool” with VampireKitten, Foth, Blaise & Soleil Mueller.
August - “Ghost with the Most” with Tara Spadero.
September - “Dracula” with Christine Nicole.
October - “Trick or Treat” with Harlequinnzel.
November - “Spectre” with Brandi Leann.
December - “Krampus” with Foth. 

Photography by VampireKitten & Peter Nydegger. 
Makeup by VampireKitten, Alex Chrissinger, Shannon Donlan & Traci Hines. 
Behind the Scenes by VampireKitten, Foth, Alex Chrissinger & Zachary Reeves. 

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    Hey guys, the Ghoul Girls Calendar is now up for sale and features our very own Traci Hines in her Grim Fae shoot as...
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